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Does ISP Redundancy Matter?

We’ve all experienced it.

You’re on a call and your cell phone connection starts to break up.  Your four bars evaporate in an instant and the call screeches to a halt.

This is generally just an inconvenience of our modern lives – one that we’ve become accustomed to.  However, can you imagine if your phone seamlessly adjusted to a different network to keep your conversation alive and well?

Now think about your practice’s critical systems.  What if your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) path goes down or becomes unreliable?  Can your systems continue the conversation needed to keep your practice alive and well?

ISP redundancy provides the capability to keep the call alive – or should I say, your systems online.  By monitoring the integrity of your practice’s connectivity and automatically “failing over” to back-up connections as needed, a redundancy solution mitigates many risks that are seemingly out of your direct control.

Unlike the mere inconvenience of a periodic dropped call, systems without reliable connectivity, even for short periods, can severely cripple your practice.  This is not something we can afford to just become accustomed to.

To put it simply, redundancy does matter.

Can you hear me now?

Redundancy DOES matter…  a lot!

Our hosting solutions are intentionally designed to leverage ISP redundancy – effectively and economically.

This is just one of many features of our unique cloud service offerings.  Our approach matches our healthcare technology expertise with the power and scale of Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure.

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