Case Study on Urology Associates

An OS Platform Approach to Elevating Healthcare Excellence

Urology Associates embarked on a transformative journey with our new Platform Focus


Urology Associates, P.A., a dynamic Managed Services Organization (MSO), embarked on a transformative journey with Focus Solution’s advanced healthcare technology platform called Focus. The partnership aims to create a seamlessly integrated clinical, patient, and back-office experience by leveraging the extensive capabilities of an industry-leading healthcare operating system (OS).

Implementation Phases:

Phase 1 (Fall 2023): A Strategic Roadmap Unveiled: In the Fall of 2023, Urology Associates, P.A. initiated a strategic collaboration with Focus Solutions and its Focus platform – specifically engaging its advisory and implementation capabilities. The multi-year roadmap encompassed critical work streams such as data center deployment, IT operations, EMR implementation, project management, vendor management, healthcare analytics, clinical operations, and healthcare interoperability. · Azure-Based Data Center Inception: The journey commenced by leaning into the Focus IT Operations and Information Security modules, creating an Azure-based data center to host a new instance of Veradigm. This laid the foundation for a secure and scalable infrastructure.

  • Pioneering Azure Deployment: Focus expanded its Focus healthcare platform capabilities (and showcased its innovative DNA) by becoming the first third-party vendor to successfully deploy Veradigm on Azure. This milestone positioned Urology Associates, P.A. as a trailblazer in leveraging cutting-edge technology.
  • Successful Go-Live: Urology Associates, P.A. went live on the Azure-based Veradigm instance for their first and second sites. The second site included an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Strategically leveraging Focus and Focus Solutions’ technical expertise, project management, and vendor coordination services helped to ensure a seamless transition of the new site into the MSO’s technology environment.

Phase 2 (Spring 2024): Advancing with Data Analytics: In the spring of 2024, Urology Associates, P.A. will progress to its next phase with a focus on IT Operations and Information Security. This will include the migration of on-premises instances to Azure. Simultaneously, they will go live with the platform’s Data Analytics Module. This step will enhance their ability to gain valuable insights from the disparate data sources currently spread across multiple clinical entities under the MSO umbrella.

Future Phases: The roadmap for Urology Associates, P.A. extends to future phases, including the implementation of the Focus platform’s Orchestration and Healthcare Interoperability modules. These modules will facilitate scalable connectivity with external labs, and diagnostic imaging vendors while streamlining patient intake processes through integration with Phreesia. Additional focus of future phases will include:

  • eFax / document management optimization
  • Technical and operations optimization to integrate newly acquired practices
  • Further consolidation of healthcare Focus-driven IT services for the MSO
  • Technology standardization across their tech stack, workflows, governance, security, analytics
  • Adoption of the Focus InfoSec Governance Model
"Focus Solutions is the epitome of excellence in IT services for the healthcare industry, and my experience with them has surpassed all expectations. The team at Focus possesses an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge in health IT, consistently delivering innovative and dependable solutions for our organization. From comprehensive IT services to conducting thorough tech stack evaluations and providing valuable consulting, they excel in every aspect. Their proficiency in application implementation and efficient vendor coordination and management ensures that our organization has the necessary tools and resources to consistently deliver exceptional patient care. I wholeheartedly recommend Focus Solutions as the ultimate 'one-stop shop' for all healthcare organizations' technology needs."
Hawk Sindel,
CEO at Urology Associates, P.A.
Focus Platform

About Focus: Focus Solution’s industry-leading healthcare operating system (OS) unifies technology to make healthcare practices thrive. Focus is a comprehensive technology platform built on a mission of revolutionizing healthcare through the orchestration of innovative technology and people-centric simplicity. The Focus platform currently offers modules & capabilities in Data Analytics, Information Security, Healthcare Interop, Data Conversions and Archiving, IT Operations, Advisory Services, and more.