Case Study on Nobility Healthcare

Massive Data Migration

Helping a Healthcare Group Consolidate to a Single EHR


Nobility Healthcare was a venture capital-backed healthcare group located in the southwestern United States.  Through years of steady growth, Nobility accumulated 10 unique EHR platforms across their 12 clinical practices. Due to the inherent confusion and inefficiency of using (and supporting) this many platforms, they sought to move to a single EHR.  Nobility looked to Focus Solutions as their partner to guide a large-scale migration to eClinicalWorks.


Focus Solutions engaged with Nobility on two fronts.  The EHR application and implementation team took the lead in analyzing and defining consistent workflows across the entire organization.  This bridged into establishing business unit sign-off of the new workflows, facilitating staff training, and shepherding the clinical transition effort. Concurrent to the training and workflow implementation, the data migration team acquired all necessary data from the existing EHR systems across all 12 practices.  This team then consolidated and successfully loaded all disperse data into a single eClinicalWorks patient record.  It was a complex undertaking requiring diligent coordination.


Nobility successfully transitioned to the new eClinicalWorks platform across their enterprise.  In doing so, they moved from a true data mess to a single data source for reporting and overall clinic management.