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How Transitioning To The Cloud Safeguards Your Healthcare Data

Surprise, surprise!  While planning for Microsoft’s end of support for SQL Server 2008 R2, a primary determining factor for your practice should be security.

Bear in mind, about 70 percent of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small to medium-sized businesses.  Scarier yet, according to a recent report from Beazley Breach Response Services, the healthcare sector is taking the largest hit. It’s imperative for your practice to find a solution that effectively safeguards your patients’ sensitive data.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud provides the resources to accomplish this, while making the process as seamless as possible for both your clinical and technology teams.

Here are three ways Microsoft’s Azure Cloud helps your practice protect data and server applications from threats:

1 – Enhanced security

Azure’s environment includes access to additional built-in layers of security meant to protect and monitor your server applications – most importantly those that house your sensitive data… like your EHR!  These cross-platform security features are intended to further safeguard your practice’s compliance with HIPPA.

2 – Automatic updates

Let Microsoft manage security updates for you, and ease concerns over maintaining the latest software versions. Your database will be fully managed in the cloud environment without the burden of upkeep. That means time savings for your technology folks… and peace of mind for your practice leadership.  

3 – Multiple transition options

Not ready to make an immediate and full-on switch to the cloud?  No worries, we get it and can help get your closer to more effective security… and more!  Azure offers several options to help you transition while keeping your data secure. One option is upgrading older servers to Azure Virtual Machines.  Another is migrating to the Azure SQL Database Managed Instance — allowing you to lift all your data from your server to the cloud securely and with minimal application. Our team is here to help you evaluate options to ensure best fit for the unique needs of your practice.

Believe it or not, it’s not all about security.  In addition to quality security measures, Azure can also optimize your costs.  Really?

Really!  Our next article will feature budget-friendly reasons for considering a transition to the cloud for your practice’s technology infrastructure.  Stay tuned!

Until then, we’re here to help you focus on solutions.  Give us a shout.

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