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Best Equation for Supporting Your Healthcare Practice

Outcome = Event + Response

I’m guessing the outcome you are seeking for your systems environment is one of stability.

Did I get that right?

To reach this outcome, it’s essential to balance the other side of the equation with the proper types of support… both proactive and reactive.

Proactively monitor events

We recommend continually and proactively monitoring such things as event logs, firewalls, and backups.  This level of monitoring along with proper notification protocol facilitates avoidance of crisis situations by catching the small symptoms early.

Look for the warning signs!

Be ready to respond

What you do when you see something is wrong is equally as important.  Ensure that your team can respond when needed with the proper knowledge and expertise to tune your environment based on any of those warning signs.

Also, be sure that there is adequate resource availability and capability to handle the most difficult of situations.

Though proactively monitoring allows you to hope for the best, it’s still vital to be prepared to respond effectively to the worst.

Focus Solutions cloud-based hosting solutions include always-on support and industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).   We provide 24/7/365 response and resolution to ensure that your environments are monitored, managed, and under control.

Our Focus team is seasoned at bringing this equation from textbook to real life.  We make successful and stable system outcomes happen for our clients.

Ready for stability in your systems environment?

Focus Solutions is ready to help.

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