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EHR + Microsoft Azure

We’re breaking the traditional mold by helping our clients find a new way to host their EHR system.  A new way that minimizes headaches to your practice AND maximizes your investment.

Finding the appropriate hosting solution for your EHR system is a daunting task.  Comparing features and pricing can leave your head spinning.

Colocation, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and premise-based solutions have battled for top billing over the years – each with their fair share of benefits, capability gaps, and pricing confusion.

That’s why we’re passionate about helping our clients break the mold.

Check out this snapshot of our EHR Cloud Service leveraging Microsoft Azure.  By comparing the quality, performance, and pricing benefits of this solution, we’re confident you’ll see why we’re so excited to help practices move beyond tradition.

Wanna break the mold?

Wanna minimize your headaches?

Wanna maximize your investment?

Focus Solutions is ready to help.

Click here to find out how!

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