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It’s Moving Day: Homes & EHRs

Have you ever moved? To a new place of residence, that is.

The vast majority of us can respond with a resounding… Yes!

When I think of the data migration process from one EHR to another EHR, I often think of the whole process of moving to a new home; with the respective EHRs being the places of old and new residence. The data and documents are the possessions that need to be safely packed, transported, and unboxed.

Like an EHR decision, when contemplating a move, the type of new home, its location, and its features are likely the driving factors. Then come the logistical decisions – like the wonderful act of moving.

Does anyone actually enjoy the moving process? I think it’s fair to say that requests for help moving have jeopardized many friendships and strained countless extended family relationships over the years 🙂

Some typical thoughts…

  • All that preparation and work. Do we want to do this on our own or should we hire someone? 
  • Oh my gosh, we’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years! Do we really want to bring that old thing into the new home? 
  • Will this fragile item break during the move?
  • Do we really need that or should we donate it to charity?

Viewing from the perspective of a transition to new EHR, many of the same type of thoughts often develop. These items actually frame-up some nice decision points for a data migration.

  • Who should we work with to get the job done?
  • Is everything we currently have needed or is this good time for a fresh start in certain areas? 
  • What data elements and documents are most critical and must be bubble-wrapped?
  • What data would be OK left behind (but maybe not donated to charity)? The must-have vs. nice-to-have discussion.

Whether you’re considering a new EHR for your practice, or looking to migrate data due to an acquisition, or a new provider is joining the family – use a point of reference you can relate to from personal experience. Moving! Many of the logistical decisions are remarkably similar.

Oh, and if you ask us to help, we promise not to unfriend you. And we really enjoy housewarming parties!

We are always here to help.

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