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Health Tech: Surprising Arrows in Your Quiver

I’m an Apple guy with Microsoft tendencies.

iPhone. Check.

AirPods. Right on.

MacBook Pro. Bullseye!

You see, I love my Apple devices, but remain a huge and growing fan of the Microsoft stack of offerings to help businesses – including healthcare organizations.

I have wonderful news to share! Microsoft has equipped you with many arrows. These arrows from are likely already available in your quiver just waiting for you to reach for their fletching. Here are three arrows to consider…

Document management

A client had an array of clinical and business office documents that they needed to retain. Their preference was to avoid cluttering their new, shiny EHR with these documents. In such situations, we reach for the SharePoint arrow.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a great tool to build a functional and scalable document library and document management solution that nicely complements an EHR system.

Dashboard reporting

We all want data, but when we get it, we often don’t know what to do with it. How do we turn the data into visual insight? We reach for the Power BI arrow.

Microsoft Power BI powerfully and eloquently facilitates the creation of visual dashboards. With its ability to consume data from a multitude of sources and formats, it is quite a versatile arrow. We have growing experience with Power BI and are excited by the possibilities it provides for informed decision-making within healthcare organizations.


I’m currently working with a client to streamline and simplify his practice’s scheduling. Most notably, they want to make the schedule more seamless for their clinicians and providers by providing visibility outside for the EHR. We are reaching for the Outlook arrow.

Through a custom integration, we are syncing the practice’s EHR-based schedules with the more accessible, and heavily referenced, Microsoft Outlook calendars. Through this approach we are able to increase schedule visibility and accessibility for their team leading to increased EHR satisfaction.


If you are currently invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, many of these arrows may already be available via your licensing, or available for a small incremental cost.

This list is only the beginning. Many more Microsoft arrows exist – Dynamics, PowerApps, OneDrive, Flow, and so on.

Leveraging these tools to complement your core EHR product has the potential to put your practice right on target. Pun fully intended!

But, please don’t shoot your arrows at the Apple on my head… and in my heart! I am an Apple guy after all.

Always here to help.

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