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2 Essential Elements of PHI Data Security

Your patients’ data is gold.  Not only to your practice but also to those with less desirable intent.

More than ever, data security and maintaining compliance with the alphabet soup of PHI and HIPAA is table stakes for running a viable healthcare.

Without diligence in this area, your days as a practice are likely numbered. It’s a reckless gamble.

Here are the two most important elements to consider in addressing your data security and compliance strategy.

1 – Proper infrastructure

2 – Healthcare expertise

Proper infrastructure

We advise looking for an offering from a respected organization that has the scale to provide robust infrastructure design capabilities, plus the staying power to continue evolving ahead of the relentless nature of criminals.

At Focus Solutions, we prefer cloud-based offerings from Microsoft Azure’s stack of services.


Microsoft provides market leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with the resources for the ongoing investment needed to stay out in front for the long term.

They’re proactive in engaging attacks and continually improve infrastructure based on the latest hacking schemes.  Microsoft is also equipped with top-notch capabilities and talent to respond to the most malicious of activities.

Healthcare expertise

PHI data is like no other, and must be protected like no other.

In addition to strong infrastructure, it’s absolutely essential that you work with someone that understands the healthcare industry.

Whether you rely on internal experts or partner with an outside firm, remember that the tools, processes, and procedures in place to execute your security practices are as important as a bulletproof infrastructure package.

Our ideal approach is to layer our HIPAA Security Wrapper on top of the Microsoft Azure IaaS.    By leveraging our team’s healthcare knowledge, our wrapper brings together those necessary tools, processes, and procedures to support PHI data properly in the public cloud arena.

Don’t take the gamble with the your patients’ data.

Instead, double down on your security and compliance strategy by investing in “best of breed” infrastructure with “best of class” healthcare expertise.

Treat it like gold!

Focus Solutions is ready to help.

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