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What is Geo Replication – Why Is it Important – How do I get It

Geo Replication – 3 Things Your Practice Must Know

Hurricanes & floods.  Volcanic eruptions & quakes.  Terrorism & cyber attacks.

Think for a minute.  Think beyond the movie storylines.  Think about the unthinkable and your healthcare practice…

What would it mean if your EHR went offline for multiple days or weeks based on one of the above scenarios?

Whether your practice’s locations are in the direct path or not, your systems and data could be at risk.

Geo Replication can help.  Here are three things you should know to help your practice prepare for the worst.

 1 – What is geo replication?

Geo replication is maintaining redundant instances of your organization’s data in two or more dispersed geographic locations.   The data center locations are specifically selected to ensure that they are unlikely to suffer the same fate – whether that be fire, natural disaster, cyber crime, or anything in-between.

 2 – How does it help mitigate risk?

A properly developed geo replication strategy is a key component of an effective disaster recovery plan.  It provides fail-over and rerouting of critical systems when needed most… meaning reliable uptime even when disaster strikes.

 3 – How do I get it?

Work with a reputable hosting service provider specializing in cloud service offerings.  A cloud service approach for hosting your EHR opens a clear path to leveraging geo replication.  The path to geo replication is more cumbersome, if not impossible, for on-premises, colocation, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data center solutions.

As a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), Focus Solutions specializes in managing your EHR in Microsoft Azure environments.  We know technology and we know healthcare.

We’re here to prepare your practice for the unthinkable.

Focus Solutions is ready to help.

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